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A curated collection of gift guides and shopping lists for everyone on your list, no matter what the occasion

When we give cheerfully, and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. - Maya Angelou


At Give Cheerfully, we aim to make these words a reality in every sense. Gift giving shouldn't be stressful or mundane. It also doesn't need to be extravagant or budget-breaking in order to be meaningful. Let's make the act of giving the most joyous, spirited, lively event it can be.

Our team at Give Cheerfully curates lists of products from around the world that we think would make amazing presents for that certain person (or pet) that you are looking to gift. Sometimes these gift lists may spark an idea you never thought of - maybe even something we didn't even include! It's all about finding those unique gifts that will make them say, "WOW!"


We want to become your go-to source for inspiration for any occasion or special event. From birthdays to holidays, baby showers to bachelorette parties. Gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, co-worker, or best friend. Presents for your tween, teen, or Grandma Betty Jean. At Give Cheerfully, we'll be curating gift lists for every person, place, thing, and event you can dream of. 


Erica and the GC Team


Also, because it's been asked a few times, we aren't a "pay-for-play" website. We don't accept payment for inclusion in our gift lists. Each of our contributors work independently to put together their gift lists based on their own preferences and life experiences. We do, however, accept new product recommendations, and are always looking for the latest and greatest products and services that would make amazing gifts! You can send us those by clicking here. We allow advertising for relevant products and services on different pages throughout the website, although it does not ever impact the products we include on the gift lists. Occasionally, a contributor may include a product that he or she has created and sells through a separate online business (yay entrepreneurship!)  - this will be made very clear in the post. No tricks here... only treats. We promise to always be 100% transparent with y'all.